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You may be thinking about selling your home yourself and not contracting with a Real Estate company who is willing to perform an exclusive listing of your property. Here are some things you should consider about the value that a professional Real Estate Agent from Online Properties provides to you when selling your home under an exclusive listing.

Online Properties can provide an objective look at your home and make suggestions to make your home more marketable. We know the market and we know what buyers are looking for.

Online Properties has an understanding of the current market conditions and values, which may lead to a quicker sale. We know how to price your home so that it will sell in a reasonable amount of time. The longer a home is on the market due to lack of exposure, the more likely a prospective buyer assumes there is a problem with the home.

Online Properties’ agents are either licensed Realtors in the US (Nevada) or the Costa Rica Real Estate Brokers Board. We also have offices in Costa Rica and the US.

Online Properties will get more exposure for your home. We will:
• Write ads and place them in newspapers in major US markets like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago, and Dallas.
• Feature your property on our website where we are receiving 2,500 hits per day.
• Produce and circulate “E-flyers”; full color brochures of your property that will get emailed to over 15,000 Real Estate professionals in the United States.
• Advertise your property via email to 250,000 potential clients in Costa Rica.
• Share your listing with other agents in Costa Rica. With an exclusive listing, we have no reason not to share your listing with other agents.
• Provide information on your home to pre-qualified buyers. We have a database of clients who have specific requirements. As soon as a property becomes available to us, we will forward that listing to the clients who have expressed an interest in that type of property.
• Produce 360 degree virtual tours of your property. With sophisticated cameras we can provide moving pictures of your home and publish them on our website and email them to potential clients. These videos provide the buyer with a more “real” picture of your property, making them more likely to buy what they see and like.

Online Properties maintains a relationship with Stewart Title and Fidelity Title, companies that US buyers are familiar with. This creates a comfort level that the buyer is looking for.

Online Properties has affiliations with lenders in Costa Rica who will finance home purchases to our US buyers. This makes the possibility of purchasing property here a reality to buyers who may not have enough cash to make the purchase themselves. Utilizing this benefit, we can get the buyer pre-qualified which means that we know he or she is capable of purchasing your property.

Online Properties will provide you with detailed marketing reports. You will know exactly what actions we are taking to market your property, guarantying you the highest exposure possible.

Online Properties will be present every time your home is shown. We will set appointments with clients to show your home and we will be there with the client. You can continue your daily routine and not have the disruption of waiting for potential buyers who are late or who sometimes don’t even show up at all.

Online Properties will work for YOU. Contact us and learn more about how to advertise your property with Online Properties

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